FLIPPISH.COM PRESENTS ITS LIVE STREAMING SHOWS IN AN EPIC LAUNCH PARTY, the number one Pinoy online video channel, blasts off the New Year with an all-access launch party entitled: “Now Streaming”. This January 25, 2012, 8:00 p.m. at Seventh High, Bonifacio High Street, officially rocks the World Wide Web to a whole new level. The night is primed to be a blazing mix of entertainment and interaction as officially launches its livestreaming shows: “Talking Heads”, hosted by radio stars DJ Rico Robles of RX 93.1 as well as DJ Mojo and DJ Jessica Mendoza of Magic 89.9, “Mocha Blog Live”, hosted by Mocha Girls sexperts Mocha Uson and Mae Dela Cerna, “Ashley’s Playlist”, hosted by singer-photographer-Cosplayer Ashley Gosiengfiao, as well as “Happy Endings”, hosted by RX DJ, model, and host Karen Bordador.

Chris Tan, managing director of explains, “Now Streaming officially launches our livestreaming shows. This is a game changer for the new, young, active audience. And with over a million visitors a month, is the perfect platform to jump into this whole new level of interactive entertainment.”

Following the Flippish brand of no-holds barred entertainment, Talking Heads co-host DJ Mojo shares his two cents about his new show, “The Internet is an integral part f everyday life and it’s cool that our show is blending ifferent media into an online magazine program that is not nly informative, but interactive as well. In Talking eads, it’s not just the opinions of the hosts that we resent, but also the reactions and insight of our Flippish etizens as well”. Chimes in Talking Heads co-host, DJ Jessica Mendoza, “I’m really excited about the show! I’ve ever worked directly with Mojo or Rico before, and they’re oth such funny, interesting personalities. I’m looking orward to seeing them clash and being in the middle!” Now treaming “…is bound to be a fun evening. he whole Flippish family will be there at Seventh High. Singing, dancing, performing – There’s gonna be a little something for everyone. It’s the perfect venue to let people know the latest online offerings that Flippish has in store for us!”, adds DJ Mojo. Among other things, Flippish’s resident sexpert Mocha Uson gives us a little hint of what’s to come: “Expect an orgasmic performance from the Mocha Girls. Anything could happen. It will blow them away!”

“It’s a personal and live celebration for the new hosts and the new shows. You can also expect a lot of your favorite artists and all the online celebrities that you have seen in Flippish. It’s going to be an epic eyeball party!” Chris Tan concludes. Now Streaming will definitely be one of a kind and everyone can watch the party as it streams live on

To win exclusive tickets and join the epic party, “Now Streaming”, tune in daily at or visit Contact Ella Palileo at for more details.

* is powered by Ideal Minds Corporation, the award-winning independent production and post-production house behind ‘It’s A Guy Thing’, ‘Single’, MTV Philippines’ ‘Homecoming’ and the acclaimed TV show ‘The Misadventures of Maverick and Ariel’.


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